I see you shining so brilliantly, sparkling in the lights and dazzling onlookers. In the limelight, you’re always the center of attention – but what happens after the lights dim and the applause ends? What happens when you’re alone in the reality of who you are and what you’ve been through? I’ll tell you what happens, Diamond. You Get Polished! You get up and you reconnect with your Creator. You get back in the palm of His hands and you let him polish you and remind you of the reality of who He created you to be and He’ll share His thoughts that He has towards you.

And today, it’s okay. You see, every gem needs to be polished. Even after the refining and finishing – sometimes you have to come back to God and get the smudges of life’s journey off of you. There’s an assignment that God has for you, and you’ll need to be smudge free. Smudges only make it difficult for the light to come through and create the fiery brilliance that you possess.

Come on Diamond, let’s go GET POLISHED!

This devotional and workbook journal was created for those who have read the book, Diamonds in the Rough: Uncover the Woman of Brilliance. If you don’t have your copy, it’s okay the ebook is available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles online. When used as a guide, this workbook takes the reader into a more in depth study about the creation of the diamond, while sharing insight and encouragement that will continue to remind you of your worth and purpose throughout the entire year!

Although it is deeply encouraged that the workbook be used along with the book in study groups, bible studies, women’s book clubs and discussions, it is not necessary for you to journal and read devotionals. My prayer is that this devotional and journal  provide you with an even deeper revelation to those rough seasons and high pressure stages you may be going through in life. Don’t count out all those rough seasons in life! Discover the pressure and process that every gem has to endure to become the prized jewel that God intended for her to be. Get ready for elevation as you discover that your next level begins with tremendous pressure, and as you uncover yourself as God sees you – Brilliant, fearfully and wonderfully made!